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remember when i thought this was going to be a temporary thing.

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omg molly (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) u r such a patoot (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) (ziall wip where zayn has a motorbike and niall’s in his last year of hs that’s it that’s the whole thing)

“What the fuck are you playing at, mate?” the man asks, frowning.

Niall swallows and uncrosses his eyes because a) he almost just fucking died, okay, because some asshole wasn’t looking where he was driving his grossly illogical and sexy death trap like a maniac and b) he’s currently pushed up against a van by said angry, leather-clad motorbike-owning asshole. Niall blinks and doesn’t understand where all this righteous anger is coming from – Niall’s the one that barely escaped being splattered on the sidewalk. He gathers enough sense to pull his school jumper out of the man’s grip.

“Are you okay?” the man asks belatedly, an apologetic look replacing his irritated expression, eyes dark and huge. Niall can see each individual eye lash from where he’s still pressed up against the van and hopes to god he’s not blushing like a twelve year old girl.

“Yeah, shit, I’m fine,” Niall says, shaking himself out of it because the man’s looking at him like Niall might be suffering from a concussion.

“Are you sure?” Zayn asks and finally steps back.

He undoes all the good it does, reaching for Niall’s arm and wrapping his whole hand around his wrist, fingers pressing firm against his bone to get a better look at the scratch at his elbow. It’s ripped through the jumper but it’s not even bleeding that badly. He didn’t even notice.

“Hey, how old are you?” Zayn asks, frowning at him again. Niall’s about to answer but he asks, “Do I need to call your parents?” and the “Fuck you, mate,” slips out before he has a chance to.

There’s a lull before Zayn’s smiling reluctantly, amused by Niall apparently, and he lets go of him abruptly.

“I’m eighteen,” Niall says, tilting his chin up and just on this side of defensive. “What are you, like forty?” Niall asks and he can’t really keep it up, caving and starting to laugh.

Zayn shakes his head and tries to roll his eyes but he’s grinning as well. “Don’t have wrinkles yet, love.”

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