messrs padfoot


and prongs


solemnly swear they are up to no good (。♥◡♥。)


i've been holding my finger up at the screen for like a whole minuteDON'Tzayn x louis
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biting my knuckles omg i want wedding ficlidon't tag this liam x louisDON'Tot5

» community college!AU - narry

niall x harryfIDON'TKNOWi've sat on this for so long i just wanted to get it over w/ so i'm sry if it's voawielasjdflaskjdfu know???i'm so fucking tired i h8 this goodnight
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louis calling liam “sunshine” after he falls at the end of a song and liam calling louis “mr. sassy”, “sassy pants” and “the sassmaster” after he walks out on a question because he can’t come up with an answer

SOOOOONSHINEdon'tliam x louisaudioliam paynelouis tomlinson


liam paynedon't

1D Things: Liam + Twitter

how pleased is he about breaking an antique spoonthe smiley face says it alland ok u don't wanna know how much i feel the need to vomit when liam does self-deprecatingjustdon'tliam payne

Niall, Tulisa, Caroline Flack & Gareth Varey at V festival

niall horandon't






liam paynepuppiesdon'tlooklikethis

somebody write me au where louis is a male make-up guru (bc yes!!!!!) and he gets liam to do his make-up for the ‘my boyfriend does my make-up’ tag

don't ask me why i was watching 'my boyfriend does my make-up' videos on youtubejustdon'tliam x louislilolouamliam paynelouis tomlinsonone direction1d
IDON'TNEEDTHISharry styles

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remember when i thought this was going to be a temporary thing.

this is a side blog.